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Rio Tala is a locality in Buenos Aires province, situated in San Pedro district. According to 2012 INDEC it has 1814 inhabitants.

San Pedro’s city is located 164 kilometers away from Buenos Aires’s city. The area economy is based primarily on agriculture, livestock and horticulture.

Assembly information

The workers of Rio Tala were incorporated into the fair trade program in 2010. However, in 2012, the farm requested suspension from fair trade inspection, due to financial issues that would likely result in their withdrawal from the industry. They still have some premiums to invest, so even though there is no a formal assembly anymore, some workers came up with different ideas.

Fair Trade Investments

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Supplier Invoice USD
School N°9: 4 fans Education Barcala 1217


School N°9: 4 emergency lights  Education


639 104
School N°9: 4 desktops Education Fabe 153 443
School N°9: printer HP P1102w   Education


4067 214
School N°9: whiteboards Education Fabe 123 1029
Rio Tala Sport Club: Construction of Dressingrooms Housing and Community Services Servicios ---- 2291.26
Rio Tala Sport Club: Construction Materials Housing and Community Services Sposito 1375 1730.35
Bikes for 34 workers Housing and Community Services Josefina Yujnievich 14002 5127.61