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Assembly profile

Workers 7
Permanent Workers 5
Temporary Workers 2
Beneficiated Community Family Members 54
 2014 Fair Trade Premium (USD) 6000
Reserves for Future Investments (USD) 0


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Town Information

Ica is a region (formerly known as a department) in Peru. It borders the Pacific Ocean on the west; the Lima Region on the north; the Huancavelica and Ayacucho regions on the east; and the Arequipa Region on the south. Its capital is the city of Ica.

Santa Dominguita is a small estate in the region.

Assembly information

As most of the assemblies we work with in Peru, Santa Dominguita is formed as a small assembly by different producers who work together (generally families). This cooperative was established with the purpose of promoting culture, education and regional development, encouraging exportations and agricultural industry.

They started working with Interrupcion in 2013 and no Fair Trade Investments have been made yet.

Fair Trade Investments

Project /Investment Project Category Supplier USD
Construction of bathrooms and dressing rooms for the workers Housing and CommunityServices Services 7334