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Workers 61
Permanent Workers 1
Temporary Workers Woman: 8 Man: 52
Beneficiated Community Family Members 243
2015 Fair Trade Premium (USD) 13466
Reserves for Future Investments (USD) 0


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Town Information

Tambogrande is a small town in the Piura Province of the Piura Region in northwestern Peru that is most famous for successfully opposing a mining development in the area. With a population of 19,017 (1999 estimate), it is the main town in the Tambo Grande District. The town of Tambogrande is quite poor with high unemployment. Its main industry is the growing of limes and mangoes on the very good land that surrounds the town.

Assembly information

This organization works with Interrupcion since 2013. It gathers small and medium organic banana producers in order to orientate them and provide them technical support so they can improve their socio-economical standards. 

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